Domain Adaptive Relation Extraction Based on Seeds


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Explore SAR-Graphs (BETA)

To open the SAR-Graph viewer click on one of the following examples. There are five examples for each relation to start with. Click on one of the related nodes to focus it. Lexically grounded nodes are light blue ellipses while concept wildcards are rectangles in different colors. The ones without arguments are the same color as the lexically grounded nodes, the ones with arguments have special colors. Moreover you'll get information the Semantic-K value (semK) and the frequency (freq) for all nodes and edges.

acquisition exchange develop merge location charge
award honor refuse medal nominate winner prize
award nomination organization name vote Oscar movie
employment tenure employee career contract identity Friday
foundation headquarters cofounder fundraising worldwide brand
hall-of-fame induction member star popularity artist trophy
marriage partner love ceremony bride divorce
organization-board membership join company manager president chairman
person birth mother birthplace child birthday hospital
person death cause funeral shoot disease kill
person parent father daughter raise heir home
place lived house address street memory neighbour
sibling relationship brother play adventures sister friend
spin off company found split group division
sponsorship credit receive sport team logo